So…I Said All That To Say

If you would speak to any medical professional right now – today – they will state that they are seeing a huge ‘resistance’ to many medications. However they are not telling the public the full truth

This past month I’ve explained about the gift of Intercession and also the gift of exhortation.

I’ve written on this website a page called Intercession and also I’ve written 5 blogs –


Alas…I am but a babe..but I will help you

Jump on..its about to take off

Intercession..sparingly way


Exhortation? uumm…just endure

The purpose of these writings was to explain these gifts so that there is a better understanding of the message that I am sending.

If one would read my writings about ‘mixing’, DNA and diseases -they may say well she just likes to make people who are not accepting of the idea of mixing feel bad. Or she just likes to belittle people who do have physical and mental disorders uncomfortable this could not be further from the truth.

Even though we are in a different testament, ministries still exist.

There still must be order on the spiritual scene

So even though God has begun to remove his anointed out of most physical churches and onto the streets (I would say for about the past 20 years)-

there are still rules

Back in the day you had the physical church whereas the ministries were able to be seen and recognized a bit better

For example you had a minister- this man or woman would stay within a particular church and be over a group or groups of people

He was considered a friend, one who gave advice, taught reproved etc.

This person was sometimes looked upon as a pastor or deacon

Then you had someone who was recognized to have the ministry of an evangelist- evangelist represent – feet – movement of the feet- this person would be seen going here and there – this city – that city – this state – that state – spreading ‘the word’ they would say – you would here people use the term ‘going into the highways and byways’ then they may come back and rest and recuperate and attend church.

Another ministry that would be recognized ‘the mother of the church’ – this would typically be a woman – an attentive, motherly type ministry – another a teacher- after the pastor would preach – the teacher may emphasize certain things that he said about – in case some may not have understood

Then you have the prophets and apostles – these ones would encompass all these ministries. In the days of old these ones never stayed in a building, but were out and about different parts of the world, getting persecuted and so on

When an apostle or prophet would come to town – basically everyone was suppose to shut and give full attention – for they would come with ‘new information – straight and directly from God – all attention and utmost respect would be given them

When they left then the pastor or deacon should discuss and teach all of the ‘new ‘straight off the press’ information and news’ that was given

By any means when a prophet or apostle was in the area should a deacon or pastor stand up in front of him or her and try to over speak him or her ‘saying wait a minute this is MY church and congregation’.

And by no means should this person be timed and told ‘we are on a schedule’ .

Or the pastors birthday is today ‘we were all going to a restaurant to eat can we do this later’

This attitude is vile and causes a ‘hellbound’ situation because this person has suffered greatly and has returned ‘for a moment’ and deserve all due respect

In the days of old when an apostle or prophet came to town – as many churches as possible would come to hear his message – all joining together

If a person states that he or she is a prophet or an apostle who are ye to judge?

Accept it and leave it be…especially if you know you are not in that proper place

Why make yourself ‘hellbound’ and also your sheep or congregation?


I also went over the term exhortation and Intercession –

Exhortation is a gift – not everyone has it – only certain ones

The purpose of rebuking or reproving a person, family or country – has been from the very beginning a form of ‘cleaning out’

For example – if one were not told certain things – how would you know – if you are not told – you would stay in that current condition

If this particular condition is a deadly condition which will eventually kill your soul..then ..yes it is needful that one is sent to ‘warn you’ regardless if the person feelings are hurt or not

For example – if a person has a wounded leg..and the leg simple not heal..rubbing oils or water or even soap on it will not do much good

However if another came into the picture and told others to hold him down..and then splashed alcohol into the wound then the leg can began to heal…yes the person may scream out in severe hurt and bitter tears ..and curse the messenger ..however the leg can now be saved..whereas before it could have destroyed the entire body!

In some cases if the leg has gained an infection..what is needed then ..for the tending doctor has waited too long to tend to the matter. So now when another arrives splashing alcohol on the leg is simply not enough..because of the severity of the situation..a knife must be taken and the infection must be cut or dug out of the leg..after the infection has been cut out ..THEN alcohol can be poured into the leg and the leg..then wrapped tightly in order in that it can began healing

Alas a leg has been healed!

If this prophet or apostle or simple messenger had not arrived the ENTIRE leg would had been lost..for the INFECTION would have spread ..possibly taking taking even the life of the person

So you see some are BORN even from the mothers womb – to splash alcohol

This is hardly ever by choice – no man can determine his or her own ministry

Secret- Person born to reprove and rebuke – are almost in ALL cases- also born with the gift of intercession – which in short simply means that we ‘pick up the pain and agony of others. Whereas others may not be able to discern the suffering and turmoil of others ‘we do indeed feel it’.

In days past a person who ‘splashed alcohol’ – or reproved others – also felt that person’s hurt on a great level –

This is by Gods design- so that we will not ‘carelessly’ abuse our gift –

We know ‘full well’ very early in our ministries that ‘if we reprove a person’ we will automatically feel that person’s hurt of that reproof.

It is a hard life

It is not a life that any person would ask for – it is thrust upon us


So I say all of this to say that when it comes to the reproving message to Blacks and Whites in the book that was currently published about the need for interracial marriages – it is not something that I enjoy doing

Many people can be hurt by this message…however it is a message that people must hear

Black and Whites in rural communities such as in the south, west and especially Midwest – it is vital (as I stated in the book that was written Full Circle Revelation) that they began marrying interracially

This message simply explains that a ‘very good’ number of illnesses that are out there (physical and mental) can be avoided if one person’s DNA is completely different from his or her own – there regional and racial backgrounds MUST BE DIFFERENT

It has been shown that the gene pool of both Blacks and Whites has been what I call ‘worn over and over and over again- until the DNA itself of both races of people has become incapable of the ability to FIGHT against births being accompanied by certain diseases -and provoking new unrecognized infections and diseases to also sprout up

I explained in the message that there will be a rapid growth in our American statistics of persons being born with certain incapabilities  and the current medications that are being used to keep these diseases /illnesses in check will become indefensible

In other words the medications that the parent might have used to combat a particular disease – for example diabetes etc or mental diseases, in the days coming these same medications will have LITTLE or NO EFFECT on the disease

So the medication that the parent might have used and was fine with – that same medication will be ineffective for the child

And this is a prediction

If you would speak to any medical professional right now – today – they will state that they are seeing a huge ‘resistance’ to many medications

However they are not telling the public the full truth

The amount of new and unrecognized diseases and the RESISTANCE to medication for CURRENT diseases is skyrocketing

Mostly because people are not mixing properly

It is a simple message

But a message that I see is being somewhat rejected





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