Guess who’s in charge of the 3rdSector..why its God of course…Jesus is gonna take a little nap

Let me just say this

The reason being- I simply dont want any blood on my hands.

If Im holding simple common sense knowledge…its my duty, obligation to attempt to share it…with others who simply may not know.

For now.

God and Jesus are two different entities

Two different powers of everlasting forces…strongholds in the spiritual AND fleshly realms

They are TWO -not one

Which means they have different personalities…they do things differently

Jesus the younger…the son of God

Moves with a certain amount of love, kindness, respect

Ive always known him to be ‘extremely’ sweet…patient

He tries to teach his people in a way that wont ‘damage’ them ..per-say

He’s just ……….sweet

God on the other hand is not

I’ve ‘ran’ with both

One of the first things a person will notice about God when ‘running’ with him is that doesn’t ‘walk’ lightly ….he ‘treads’…his steps are heavy…you can ‘feel it’ inside of your heart upon each step

My Father doesnt care for courtesies, sentiments, simple small foolish things….he’s seen too much death…all that is gone out of him

Jesus tries to teach his people in a way whereas in the end they still have parts or bits of their old personalities

God is completely different

I’ve ran with both

You see my Father has seen Satan face to face….not that Jesus havent

Long time he’s been fighting with Satan….

As I stated in my literature “Fullcircle Revelation” he walks with a sway..sort of like a ‘pimping’ motion, he ‘alway’ has a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, he carries a sword on his right AND his left side

I use the term ‘shackled down’

Because of all that hes been through…hes alway ‘ready’ and ‘aware’ at ALL TIMES

He walks ‘shackled down’…with a sway…toothpick in corner of his mouth

Hes seen many wars….angelic and carnal….he’s seen clean holy men and women of God…fall and ‘backslide’ before his very eyes…men and women who ‘ran’ with him for decades and decades…and then right at the end they turned ‘aside’

So you see according to what the two have seen and what they’re been thru….they’re different….

God is not …….sweet daffodils….one to play games with….and he take oaths very seriously

In the ‘New Testament’ sweet dear dear Jesus …. whom they beat and hung on a tree to die – was in charge

However God is in charge of this sector ….the third sector…the sector of ‘preparation’

My dear sweet sweet patient Jesus is going to take a little nap

Dont worry…he’s going to awaken once more….but when he awaken he wont be the same….but he will be in ALL POWER and GLORY and majesty….like the Father

But for right now …..guess whos in charge?

Why dont be ‘stupid’

Its GOD of course!

When time has run completely out

And great resistance is detected

And the cries of children, first – second the cries of ‘good’ ‘clean’ ‘honest’ men and women are overfilling the kingdom of heaven

That’s when my Father sees fit to ‘stand up’

So for now Jesus is gonna take a little nap

Welcome to the 3rd Sector





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