Removal of HealthCare for All-Prepare for a Domino affect-‘Just a Message’


So it appears that healthcare is about to be taken away from us…or a good portion of the United States.

Some decades ago the Clintons tried to ‘unveil’ a healthcare plan

Though this was totally meant for them to begin it and bring it to the public’s attention of being possible – Universe had someone else in mind to ‘unveil’ it



You see God is extremely particular

He likes things to be in a particular way

Especially things that will affect multitudes of people

Especially things that will relieve unsurmountable  suffering

The broken healthcare system has put a burden on the backs of millions of people

And have murdered multitudes

Women, children – good people that were striving to be good and decent

However the affects mostly hurt Blacks and other minorities

Which is why God preferred President Obama to ‘unveil’ it

It wasn’t a coincidence

He wanted Obama to do – Because that’s who it affected most for centuries ‘People of Color’

Percentages may say otherwise

However if you look at the medical experiments that constantly took place in the community of ‘people of color’

Experiments that could not have taken place or substained for so long – even for the duration of that person’s life – until he/she died

We carried the greatest burden

My father saw a woman that was obedient to his ‘perfect’ will lie in a hospital room dying of cancer-actually arguing with a ‘medical bill collector’

With young Obama – just a little kid – watching

This crossed a spiritual line

God set certain things for certain times – you can’t override him

The reason this was the very first thing the GOP hopped on – even the same week after they won the election – is because ‘healthcare’ is a deeply spiritual part of the puzzle – it saves the lives of multitudes

Let me just say this – dismantling this part of the puzzle – which shows that we are a ‘humane’ nation – will set off a ‘domino effect’

Regular civilians – that go to work everyday and have families – Whites and Blacks both say – “so what” – no healthcare for some people – not realizing the times we are currently living in

When you or a society or a country do ‘fight for what is just’ – and have purposely and willfully become ‘lazy and slothful’ – nature considers this as a sort of backsliding – “Whats right is simply not important enough to fight for” – nature then begins to any ‘weak’ part of our community and she then begin to ‘churn’ her way through

(Which we already did by not fighting as hard as we could in ‘unity’ and losing the election)

This ‘healthcare bill’ was a spiritually important part of a puzzle

‘Unveiled’ by a particular person – at a particular time

And is now being removed – against what we as a people have chosen

This is the ‘domino’ effect that I am talking about

Remove one thing

And it then another collapses

Which causes another thing to collapse

Which causes another thing to collapse

Which causes another thing to collapse

I hope you get the picture

‘Just a message’





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