The Art or Belief of ‘Mixing’ – when trying to obtain good physical /mental health and ‘life goals’ for your children-do you just go out and mix into any race – NO!!! FullCircle teachings can explain the journey


The FullCircle Revelation belief is not something created on a whim.The art or belief of ‘mixing’ according to the will and ‘uction’ of God takes decades to learn and perfect. Even then things are forever changing. God’s true people ‘know’ that they have to adapt to different things at different times, which is perfectly fine with us….for we are forever…..ready and willing.

Do you just go out and ‘mix’ with anyone. NO!!

It has to be done specifically by how you feel (the heart) and the will of God-with him guiding and moving you.

Especially those with exceedingly high and those households you have important works to do

It can be extremely intricate …God’s will is to fit you within a quarter that he knows is compatible with you, your demeanor, your personality – but moreso-so much more importantly by our DNA…which cuts down on physical and mental diseases, crime, chaos and so forth.

But moreso than that – before ANY of us were born-God had already designated ‘chosen’ ‘gifted’ children to be born within certain bloodlines. So without perfect obedience ‘by us’…what he has ‘planned’ when it comes to certain multitudes existing ‘for him to perform his good works will not take place.

Once again ….. these bloodlines mingling and marrying and bearing children was designated in the very beginning, before ANY of us were ever born. So he can not go back and change it, it simply must take place

His inventors, his doctors, his leaders, his organizers, his presidents, his powerful congressman, his teachers, his police, his communities, his social workers etc. Those who hear him, adhere, who tremble at his voice and perform his duties. What of it? A few are being born, I see them everyday, but NOT ENOUGH.

‘Mixing’ is not for everyone to do! I always say this. But how are you going to find out if you do not venture out and FIND OUT

It is something that needs to be taught.There are many who do it according to their heart..and land just fine…with the person and children that they are suppose to have. However for others it is not that simple or easy. Which is the purpose of teachings. Because you can end up going the wrong route

I never thought that it would get to the point – pass rebuking and reproving – but lo and behold it appears that just enough people hearts are open to actually begin teaching about HOW to mix, according to the perfect will of God.

You just do not go and mix with anybody!

If you are one who have been deemed to mix-it has to be within the quarter chosen for you by God. According to your personality, your temperance, your nature, the types of diseases that your community is now battling etc


He will never put you within a quarter that you are not attracted to, and the respect is almost ALWAYS there – for YOU – by THEM

Though I say this – the universe utmost earnest desire – RIGHT NOW-TODAY – is that it is searching for those ‘important children’!

You see we need them-we simply can not survive as a country without the birth of these children – and perhaps even as a world

I tremble even when I think upon this.

The teaching of mixing is intricate, detailed,specific, but its not hard, if your heart is open

There are some that God has designated to marry only within the ‘everlasting’

The ‘everlasting’ or (The word of God calls them Israel) is considered Black, White, and Native American

Ones whose forefathers and foremothers witnessed or participated in ‘for’ or ‘against’ the Native exodus and/or slavery

So you will see these ones marrying throughout the generations only Whites or Natives-if they are Black you notice that they only marry Whites, or Natives-this combination is how Americans originally started out in  the ‘Days of Old’. Due to the Native American exodus and Slavery-it still exists and vibrantly! An abundance of leaders are within this mixture-clothed with excellent discernment and understanding, boldness, the absence of the ‘fear of confrontation’ etc

And then there are others who are White who only marry Blacks, or vice versa – leaders, inventors, doctors finding cures for diseases are found within this combination

And then there are quite a few – but not all – ones of the ‘everlasting’ and also ones who are ordained – to make a little spiritual journey into one of the ‘four quarters’ – this is meant by God to prevent war-and to born chosen children who can quickly adapt to changes – whether it be war – with the ability to survive in war, the ability to survive if thrust into povery/famine – the ability and desire to conserve, the willingness to ‘work’ and prosper even through tribulation – ones to rebuke and reprove injustice and malice, extremely gifted children-who have the ability to learn the art of WISDOM at an extremely fast level etc

A good number of the ‘everlasting’ have been chosen and ordained-before any of us were even born – to enter into the ‘four quarters’

Asia, Middle Eastern, Latin, or the European quarter

Its clearly important – I cant emphasize it enough

Take note; in some cases it may be sufficient to God to enter into a quarter by ONLY ONE generation-after that the children born out of this union can {what I call) ‘return back’ or go back to being with their original race

However for others it may be for them to continue to marry within this culture for a few generations-before returning back

However for others it is the perfect will of God for the family and their offspring to remain within this new quarter for the remainder-which means permanently-OR to be ‘carried off’ yet even into ANOTHER quarter-never returning back into the ‘everlasting’

This is what I call ‘The Universe searching for her Leaders’ Or ‘God searching for his chosen’

To make a long story short in my opinion, to avoid many years of effortless dating, bad marriages, offspring that you regret, hurt, pain -teaching of ‘mixing’ is needed…it can be done only by the spirit of God leading you…but its quicker if done with a few teachings

Can this teaching be done in one day – NO

I would like to move forward with my plans for a monthly newsletter to help

Because this is an issue that is important to me…its important to me-because its important to God

FullCircle Revelation Volume 2 -will encompass mostly teachings

Whereas FullCircle Revelation Volume 1 – was mostly stronge rebuking and reproving

Whimisical and spiritual – is what this sector is – remember when it was written in my first web site FullCircle Revelation- I explained that in the beginning when God commanded Israel ‘Go ye into the four corners of the earth’? Take note and never forget, some obeyed and they obeyed hurriedly and with reverence-and so today these ones – LOOK liken unto and SPEAK the language according that region!

There are these chosen ones who obeyed ‘children of Israel’ in EACH and EVERY part of the world!

You can tell them- sometimes-because they are ‘different’ from the others- they’re ‘different’ and don’t much blend in with the majority

Whimsical and spiritual – which is why the word of God says ‘Judge not’ – because you may have to eat those words one day – HIS people are all over the earth



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