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I’ll be updating my profile. My first profile was sent out around December 2016. Here it is.

Third Testament

As stated in the FullCircle Revelation Third Testament – this testament will be one of the most whimsical, strange, spiritual sectors that there has ever been

In this most whimsical dreamy sectors, What you think you are seeing with your eyes and hearing with your eyes-is actually not taking place at all

Inn this dreamy spiritual sector-you must know who you are and what you stand for otherwise you’re simply ‘be carried off’

Faith and belief is what will hold your feet steadfast, NOT obeying the letter

The Testament of Preparation-to make you more spiritually inclined

Each person’s weakness will be purged out and replaced with strength and boldness

Whatever you can imagine or comprehend-it will take place in this sector-whether it is weather or environment, accidents, disputes, but it is all to prepare us

For we are lacking-but it was always known that we would be

Take note Careful

Are you Ready?



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