He created what?

I noticed someone sliding thru my twitter timeline a weeks ago saying ‘It doesn’t make sense all 12 tribes of Israel came from the same man and woman’.

Do you remember the two twins that I posted on twitter both had same parents…one appeared white the other appeared black/mulatto.

As I so eloquently stated in the fullcircle revelation website -God told the 12 tribes to go ..separate yourselves..enter into your quarters…

They refused..stating no we refuse to separate…our women are very beautiful we will not listen..

They rejected the ‘advice’ and wisdom of God.

Being without God and ‘on their own’ they separated into groups…one group upon breeding over and over and over …began to get darker and darker..hair kinkier and shorter and shorter..features more and more distorted..

The other group who separated also breeding continuously only among themselves…skin color was driven in the other direction which became paler and paler..soon losing all color..hair growing in thinner and thinner even balding at the top…attracting oil and dirt at a much quicker rate etc. Bones becoming thinner and easier to break..etc

The other group..the Natives basically maintained their appearance…however the breathtaking darker red, dark red and reddened colors MAY be lost forever…

Through hardheartedness and disobedience these three races were created

Whereas in the beginning they where ONE-

EVEN the true house of Israel

They branched off – determining to live on their own without the guidance of God

Becoming therewith THREE








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