4 Quarters



The children of Israel which are Blacks, southern, Midwestern whites, and Native American Indians were commanded by God to enter into a quarter

This was for their benefit health and good fortune…and for the glory of God

Once they did not do it for so very long…their appearances began to change…distort..will the quarters even have them now…many of them even have ailments unknown to these regions..

So my father said ok…well at least mix among yourselves ….and still …oh hardheaded rebellious Israel…haltingly said …..’No’.

But as I stated in the fulfillment realization.com website

Its time out for games

Revelations is nigh…and we have much to prepare

So if not willingly ..Oh Israel…rebellious house…with all of your ailments

My father has revealed…he must find another way..

The word can not be rewritten- it says

‘Upon the house of Israel I shall build my armies’

He cant rewrite the freaking bible …Black girl..White girl

4 Quarters are destined preordained by God ….carrying the blood of his chosen, anointed children

These children must be born for the mighty work that is at hand

As I stated revelations is not here..but it is nigh…

The 4 Quarters

Many many nations..but divided into categories

Not by man

But the categories are set up by God

So they may differ

Asia- Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines…etc

MiddleEast -Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon…etc

Europe-Russia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Chek Republic, Bulgaria…etc

Latin-Spain, Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Equador, Mexico…El Salvador..Guatamala…etc

As stated in the fullfillmentrealization.com a year ago…I stated an internal division

Then I stated I could not see what other dismantling..but it was not terrorism

Upon the deep division …it appears to be natural disasters of sorts…apocalypse type behaviors..behaviors in animals, weather, nature itself..perhaps a falling out of the sky/space objects…

All this for one purpose to bring forth a scripture…

so sad….

All this could have been done so easily with a bit of obedience


I’m just the messenger….

If I don’t tell you

Who will

Your pastor, your bishop…? That’s a joke….they only tell you nice, sweet things




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