Brother Russia …cont.

Christmas 1991 – the Soviet flag for the last time flew over the Kremlin in Moscow.

Let me say a couple of things- I explained continuously that God was an entity.

He not a man.

My Father weigh things and measure them ‘differently’ in my opinion my more just than a human would.

For our memories are short and our thoughts most often are scattered.

I also explained that we were in another testament.

We are no longer in the New Testament

Everyone should have said their farewells months ago

I explained that the ‘Third Testament’ would be a bitter harsh testament with much tribulation, but be of good cheer for also in this testament many, many ‘chosen’ spiritually ‘elite’ children shall be born.

I’ve written a blog previously about Russia and America being somewhat ‘spiritual brothers’ this thing is true.

What do brothers naturally do they compete.

Since biblical times..when dealing with ‘two brothers’ what have you noticed?

Most times one has a better character then the other…Aye?

Am I correct or no?

Remember Abe and Cain …I think it was?

Less or more severe…point is there is always strong differences.

During a period  from the 1950’s after (Stalin’s death) Russia and America both as two brothers would began to compete..

This competition had to do with the building of weapons.

Russia and America both were participating in an ‘arms race’.

You may say so what? And?

Well the issue is this…one country was building, but yet they were taking care of its people, food housing etc.

While another country was building, but alas they were neglecting its people, scores of people laid in the streets homeless and without shelter.

‘Alas brother ‘How are you both building and maintaining at the same time’!? asked Gorbachev.

‘Maintaining?…replied America…Why we are not. We are concentrating on our weapons!..Our people can fend for themselves for a while.

This was an ‘out of body’ experience for the Soviet Union..they did not realize….

Whereas they were doing what was humane and rational which was to feed their own…and build at the same time..they realized that America was only doing one thing ………


Upon this realization the immediate effects of Russia falling began

This moment …did you know was a deeply spiritually moment.

My Father….you see ‘overheard’ this conversation and yes ….this conversation was written in heaven and stored.

According to this conversation… which brother do you think should have RIGHTFULLY been the one to fall?

Be honest

The one who was rapidly building and trying to feed and house its people at the same time?

Or the one who was neglecting its people and putting ALL efforts into only building.

Do you even dare to imagine that the Americans purposely kept it from the Russians that they were sort of ‘cheating’ you think they were kind of ‘sneaky’ about it.

Surely they saw Russia struggling…why not say alas brother…we are able to move so fast because of this and that…if you keep going the way you are going surely you will fall!

But they did not.

They said NOTHING..but rather sat and watched.

When the Soviet Union fell its people went through severe suffering, great tribulation…God saw this and was angered.

For did not have to happen…IF the other brother was upfront and honest…this great tribulation upon these ones could have been avoided.

This was marked.

When these ones were suffering severely, bread lines etc…did they ‘bow’ or ‘run to sell their souls to satan’ (my Father have watched many cultures do this)…According to my Father they did not, as much was human, they still said proudly we are ‘Russian People’.

My Father marked this also.






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