So many nations of people. So many cultures, religions. So many languages, ways of life.

You see when you are born with the ‘gift of intercession’ of in many cases are simply used to intercede – it is something to be Thankful for.

This means that you are pretty much in the will of God – in the totality of your life

It has nothing to do with – (not now anyway) – with someone drinking or smoking or dancing or their sex habits

When I say the will of God – I am speaking in bulk, most serious terms like – humbling yourself and separating yourself from those you love – marrying into a different culture- taking on a powerful company or entity, taking them to court etc, coming against someone that is strong and powerful in the community – because of how they treat vulnerable innocent people etc

I am speaking of important stuff when I say ‘in the will of God’

Or when I say ‘ clean enough’

I nor God gives a fuck whether you drink, smoke, have sex, etc – don’t care about that

We take into account – if you are doing things or coming against entities that are stronger or more powerful than you

If you are bold and not a fucking coward etc

That’s what God is talking about when he say ‘Ye are clean’

Of course at the same time-God don’t want to hear it when you get a lung disease from smoking too much or liver disease from too much drinking, or a sexual transmitted disease from too much sex with too many random people-hes going to expect you to COMPLETELY finish the work that he has given you – regardless of these ailments – because you were given ample strength from him – not to do it – but you did it anyway

That’s how that all works


When you are interceding you never know who you are interceding for

But for that moment you and that person are ….


His burdens and what he is feeling at that time -has been laid on you

Though you have never met this person and he is a thousand miles away in some foreign country – God has found it fit for you to ‘carry him’ for a moment

You may carry him – on and off for a few hours or a few years

Helping him or her, through the severe suffering that they are enduring

uumm ……….uumm………

The gift of priesthood


In the bible they called this also ‘even standing before the altar of God’

These are gifts

Some people stand at the altar of God all day being used this way

Always remember you simply will not know who you are interceding for

Sometimes …but very rarely

Interceding can be very heavy- with eyes forcing out – like blood – bitter – bitter tears

Others forms of intercession – can be the same feeling – but performed differently such as a sad frown or a look of sadness – this ‘look’ is also a form of interceding

All of these different ways of interceding is helping this person or family or country

If you ask this person they will say

At this moment – I felt a bit of relief – from my pain and problems

It is because you are helping him – carry it –

We are all one




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