Exhortation? uumm…just endure


Exhort – Rebuke, Harsh Reproving, Strong critical urging

And also……………………
[ˌeksəlˈtāSH(ə)n, ˌeɡzəlˈtāSH(ə)n]


  1. a feeling of triumphant elation or jubilation; rejoicing:
    “she laughs in exultation”

    synonyms: jubilation · rejoicing · happiness · pleasure · joy ·

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These are two different words
One is exultation and another is exhortation
Both of these are what I call personalities -within ones particular ministry
One is not given a choice when it comes to whether there ministry personality will be of
Or of exhortation
Typically if one is born with the ‘ministry personality’ of exhortation he/or she may not have  many friends
The spirit in them is actually designed to seek out the short coming of an individual and then rebuke him/or her for those shortcomings with much strength and love
Some times in a most harsh way
Leaving the individual, group or nation in a tearful and hurt frenzy
Whereas the exultation is much to be desired by everyone
A person that is born with this ‘ministry personality’ will most times have lots of company surrounding him
The spirit in him actually seeks out the ‘well doing’ of individuals and with much strength and love
Leaving the individual very much motivated and happy and able to press on another day through his or her sufferings
Both of these are parts of ministries – just as interceding is parts of ministries
No one can say I don’t like you having this awful ministry
So I’m going to take it away form you
Only my Father can give or remove ANYTHING!
Eat from the plate that is set before you ….life does no last forever…just endure

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