Intercession…..sparingly way

‘Atlas Lord…this burden is too heavy for me…I am near nigh a spiritual death!’


In the spiritual realm an intercessor is similar to an emergency room doctor. It saves lives!’

Take note – a person being used to intercede CANNOT …CANNOT…turn this particular action on or off

This action is orchestrated by God and Jesus…most of the time by Jesus…God is much harder..Jesus is the one that notices first that a person is about to die spiritually and sends for help …its not necessarily that a person is about to die spiritually all the time some cases the person, or family, or nation is simply going through so much severe emotional or physical or spiritual torment that it has overwhelmed them or is in the process of overwhelming them.

My dad had this accent in a very mighty way and I his daughter is apparently thrushed with this same accent.

However we are in a new testament…

Do you know what that means?


That means that God is primarily in charge of ‘giving out interceding orders’ now…whereas before it was Jesus

This my dear world ….is not good for you

My father is a bit different from Jesus…

Brash and insultive ..he can be

He uses intercessors sparingly whereas my Jesus activated it all the time …using the body and mind of whomever was accessible (or spiritually clean enough)

However my Father’s in charge now

With us entering into a new sector .. a sector where plates of suffering will be dispersed in high amounts .. diseases, infections, worldwide viruses, hurricanes, tornadoes, famine, disputes, wars

You will say ‘This is absurd’! Who made the decision’.

We need intercessors more than ever! Who made this decision? Answer me right now?

Why God of course..

And the key of understanding is this

If the hearts of man across the board Americans, foreigners, Latin, certain parts Europeans, certain parts Mid east, certain parts Asiatic, you name it, everyone- if our hearts wasn’t so very hard and bitter and against God and his ‘PERFECT UNSEEN will’ then this testament would have never have been needed in the first place

So yes..going against all logic ..though the action of intersession needs to be quadrupled as different types of suffering began to rain down …the action of interceding will still go on but in a sparingly way



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