Jump on..its about to take off


As I speaking prior about ministries. We are in different times now.

I will say about 20 – 25 years ago the use of the ministries began to shift or change

What this means is that prior you could explain the ministries by using ‘actual church buildings’ of how they worked

For example you will explain the person, the mother of the church does this or that, the deacon does this and when he walks into the church he sit here and does this or that

None of that can be done now

Starting about 20 years ago..

Now my darling….

The ministries are on the streets, in the colleges, in the workforce, in the jailhouse, police stations, nightclub security, bouncers

I’ve seen with my own eyes the ‘spirit of a prophet, or evangelist, or teacher, or intercessor..settle on a person’…in the streets

Uuumm times are changing extremely fast

Jump on the train ..now…

with the understanding of how things are going to be going down

Lest you get left behind

I’m just tire of the hypocrites

Let the ‘real ones’ carry the word from now on

Keep in mind the word is a spirit, a striking deafening spirit that pierces and cuts through all things!

‘But I’ve never read the bible.’

Don’t matter

But I don’t use biblical terms or rarely say the words Jesus or God

Don’t matter

You are saying the words through your actions…actions of love and deep concern

Concern and love ….is what you are teaching

Choose whose side you want to be on…is what you are teaching

Don’t be a coward…is what you are teaching

So you see the teaching have changed

But then again

Have they really??

..or has it always been this way?





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