Washed Away



Northern Whites through death after death, after death sacrificed much during this movement.

The blood, the sweat, the physical wounds and mental wounds of having to come against and literally take the life of one that could have easily been ‘close kin’ -was a horrific torment-but something that had to be endured.

To sacrifice so much for a people that basically,  you have no relations with, turned the head of God.

Compassion, humanity and love for their ‘other’ brother, echoed throughout the land

After the war, it was petitioned by some northern White men to have Black women to marry among them, it was said ‘Aye..since you have been in slavery for many centuries, and have no status, let us marry, so that you may gain status in this society’.

This pleased God, but was rejected by Black men.

Yet again stirring up the wrath of God.

So even until this day

They were worthy to give their lives for Blacks, but not to marry their women – according to the ones that rejected it

With southern Whites being the offspring of slave owners and having not mixed properly for many decades – as was the will of God..(for mixing would have purged the memories of this savored life and it would have also purged the memory of this savored life being ‘snatched away’)

So even today their children children children still carry this anger in them – a feeling of something having been taken away from them- which could have easily been washed away – through mixing.

And also among Blacks – who a very good portion even today – due to non-mixing is still carrying a ‘slave’s mentality’ from being so many centuries in slavery. Where unto also having remembered the centuries of servitude – are also engulfed with this enormous sense of entitlement  – which through mixing could have easily been washed away



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