‘Go Ye’!


Very similar to the situation of the Native American Indian plot except on a much greater scale due to the amount of people and the number of generations it engulfs lies the The Great American slavery experience.

According to what is actually written in the FullCircle Revelation Third Testament, it explains how the utter wrath of God threw the nation of Blacks into slavery. Out of severe anger and turmoil- they were thrush into this situation due to disobedience.

I’ve peered into even ‘the eye of God’ and I have revealed my revelations to the world of what was shown me in this book

Now slavery was a temporary thing, it was never to have lasted forever. Though the south might have gotten used to it, they were simply USED to orchestrate his feeling and also to carry out the ‘original work of mixing’ since it was not done in the days of old.

Now of course this way was much more harsh and a bit out of the box, however it accomplished what my father desired which was a ‘mixed nation’ which was what he had asked of them originally and it wasn’t done.

So basically, after you get to know my father, you will learn that if he can not accomplish something in one way – HE WILL accomplish it in another – that’s how he does it – he’s always been that way and he has no intentions of changing

So this was the ‘BEGINNING of his original commandment’ which was ‘go ye’…I said ‘go ye’ ….once again… I said ‘go ye’ ‘unto the four quarters of the earth..mingle…marry..and make my name known among them’

You see this was never done.

So allowing them to enter into slavery calmed and appeased the wrath of God..less he would have cast them completely off of the earth. And this is ‘Thus saith the Lord Thine God’.

Now this enslavement was a temporary situation, until enough mixing was done, and until they were perhaps humbled.

Unfortunately when it was time for this tribulation to come to an end, the south had gotten accustomed to this ‘lust’  and simply did not want to let them go.



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