Brethren against Brethren

Now upon southern Whites having lived this way for many centuries, they were unaccustomed now when it came to ‘surviving’ on their own. They were used to the utmost freedom to perform whatever lust that came to the imagination of the mind.

They used a man to work with ‘no pay’. And at their leisure they ‘played with him as a sport’.

The south had raised their children children children to grow accustomed to this type of life. As far as they were concerned – if they had anything at all to do with it – it would NEVER end. Even if it was God telling them – which it was.

As with all situations…’they were warned.’ There own northern brethren would come down from the north and also from around the world and rebuke them harshly ‘letting them know how sick and cursed this lifestyle was and that it MUST END NOW. Northern Whites were disgusted and reviled…by something that seems perfectly normal to the southerners. ‘What kind of people are you?! They would ask. ‘What disease roam and infect your minds to do this!’

After so many years of rebuking and reproving with no change to be seen in sight,

Being meant by God ‘the two brethren’ entered into war.

Over 600,000 men died, and thousands and thousands were left crippled, blind, and and/or deaf etc.

The south was utterly destroyed, homes burned down to the ground, children motherless and fatherless

Many died from wounds and infections having gone uncared for

Hunger and thirst, seeing that everything was in complete mayhem

Many older people simply died from utter despair and grief

Many were killed off by their own slaves avenging

You see when we put OURSELVES above God and his eternal wisdom

Above his eternal plan

We only hurt ourselves

No one gets hurt but you and your family

‘They …were….warned’

They had PLENTY of time to regroup

To inquire about how to live ‘without slaves’ they could have set up something whereas the slaves stayed but with pay.

None of this was considered

Now not all slave owners were the same

You had some that walked in the most upright manner

Following the direct orders of God with astonishing perception and discernment. Who DID actually listen. Being surrounded by many many mulatto children (current, grandchildren, and great grandchildren). None having been born out of rape, but out of love and consent with severe patience and understanding, which is how God would have preferred it.

But then you had other slave owners who actually made God abhor this decision.

And until this very day, (though ALLOWED and perhaps even ORDERED to participate) some are now cursed, them and their offspring – because of HOW they participated – with reckless abuse and horror.





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