When the Native Americans inhabited this part of the world. There main job was to keep the land, the animals, the water etc. This gift or mission still lies in their stomach. That’s why you see them carrying on about certain things that the rest of us could care less about.

You see each nation has a mission or work given to them from God.

This part of the world was covered with natives. Liken unto sand on a beach.

There were hundreds perhaps thousands of different tribes of Natives.

You see God is not an evil God neither is he wicked.

He always send someone to a people or land to warn

It was NEVER the intention of God for this nation to be destroyed and near diminished off of the earth.

This was a spiritually powerful people, who understood HIM and his thoughts and intentions very very well.

They KNEW God.

They ‘ve seen HIS face…no you don’t understand …his TRUE face.

They understood how it was their job to keep the land etc.

When the ‘white-skinned peoples’ with the loud weapons (as they were called) came they were shocked and amazed as to how these people lived.

It was an amazement.

When they killed an animal NOTHING was wasted

All parts of that animal was used in some way.

God had taught them how to make soap, clothing, medicines, all things.

They had a special relationship with animals also…a kind of relationship that may never be seen again.

HE LOVED them.

Damn ….by losing so many of this nation…we lost soooo much …so much understanding….so much insight

It was NEVER his intention to have them diminished.

But you HAVE to listen to God…always…even when HE tell you to do something that you don’t want to do.

Not understanding why HE is telling you to do not a reason for you to not do it.

The result will be the SAME…disobeying

Join ye together..’Thus saith the Lord Thine God…into ONE’.

Stop warring and fighting against one another…one tribe against another…always fighting and at war

This did not happen

I am not saying that there were not tribes that vigorously did not join the tribes together

Perhaps the Cherokee Indians ( tribe of deep spirituality and meditation) listened and attempted to make peace, or the Navaho, or the Apache (The tribe of war and mighty valor)

What I am saying is …it did not happen…regardless

So in their division

They were overtook…as a nation

When HE beckon to a people to do something

Whether it is to come together in peace

Or to FIGHT, seeking not to save your life…

‘What’s the purpose of living …if you’re not FREE?

Just do it.

But I have a feeling…he’s going to do something special for them

Similar to a Re-bringing…a ‘REVIVING’ of some sort…we will have to wait and see

All things will be seen in due time


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