People are asking well why are they doing this?

As if they do not understand

Some are doing it because unless they stand up and fight they will literally get sent back to their country …by the millions. Other know that if they do not stand up that decades and decades of hard work and sweat by their mothers, aunts, grandmothers to secure the right for abortion will be all but lost. Other for healthcare. And others in strong defense for their brothers and sisters..and many of these ones are Whites.. saying ‘Brotha’ you get knocked down, I get knocked down. Sista you get arrested I get arrested. Brotha you get beatup I get fucking beatup with you…Yea these are the offspring of the ones that fought in the civil war.. yea ..the same ones that got shot and bleed for a nation of people that had absolutely nothing to do with them.. the same ones that marched side by side with Martin Luther King.. and got spit in the face …their wives and children receiving daily threats.. yea these are the kids of those ones..FullCircle.

The apple don’t fall far from the tree does it? The same ones..clean, good hearted …always fighting and taking up for those who are weaker..its in  their DNA.

They can’t shake the ‘goodness’ they can’t shake the ‘willingness to sacrifice themselves for what’s right.’

These ones have ‘no idea’ how much God love them..they have no idea.

There’s also another core of people who are marching, because they discern something ‘in the air’.

They have SEPAR.

Do you know what SEPAR is?

Due to recent behavior of police officers shooting down innocent Black men. Due a couple of incidences whereas Black women were found ‘hung up’ in their jail cells. Due to a rise in discrimination against immigrants etc.

Groups who are marching feel that they have ‘STRONG EVIDENCE that PAST ACTS  are about to REOCCUR’

These acts occurred during Slavery – beatings, lynchings, random rapes, during the 60s, severe and astonishing high rates of job and housing discrimination, shootings and kipnappings and during the Reagan Era of the separation and brainwashing of large groups of young people, even regional.

So their is Strong or at the very least Sufficient Evidence that due to Trumps election -that these ‘Past Acts’ are about to start ‘Reoccuring’.



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