Here’s the Deal

As I explained on my other websites, America was always suppose to be a place that holds many many many different cultures, languages and ethnicities. Our government is suppose to be built to accommodate that, in such a way that secures the dignity and motivation for life and excellence among all foreigners that were fortunate enough to come here.

The other day we elected someone that symbolizes a nation that is against that? Not only that, but we gave him the house of congress, the senate and the supreme court.

So what is God suppose to think?


Even though the things that I’ve predicted in FullCircle Revelations Third Testament are coming to pass line by terrible line, I am slightly surprised by something.

I did not expect Americans to reject the win of King Trump so vehemently…which means that they have not gone completely mad with carelessness.

It means that they and even little kids have an idea of the disorder and chaos that is on the horizon and are ‘kinda’ fighting back. I am relieved about this, most cultures that have slipped this far out of the will of God, would not have discerned this so quickly.

They would have waited like ignorant clueless cattle for the first law to changed or for the first symbolic killing to take place. Yea ..symbolic killings will take place).

But they did not wait …that same night protest began..early that morning thousands were in the street.

So ..perhaps we do not have to go line by line when it comes to what is about to happen… MAYBE some of the damage will be alleviated due to our quick response.



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