Third Testament-Season for Preparation

Third Testament is the sector – specifically designed for preparation. For example if you are a fearful person or an inattentive, slack person or cowardly. This testament – the Third Testament will purge you of all of that.

You see this testament is designed to – how can I say this – to deliver plates of suffering. So whatever or wherever you are coming up short, this testament will purge that out of you.

It is also the testament of rebuilding, the giving of birth to very very important children, and the distribution of many powerful gifts – to those that deserve it.

Now you may ask – why now? I stated in FullCircle Revelation Third Testament .. this testament will prepare us for Revelations.

You remember Revelations don’t you? smile

She’s still there waiting.

We will soon be upon her..but not now.

Revelations is when the Last Day Wars are held.

You will see miraculously things in that day…(hell…also in this day)

That day is when men shall fight side by side with angels.

There discernment, gifts, and powers shall be waxed and practiced through and through to the point that it is near unto that of an angel.

In other words my dears…in this sector

We shall be perfected.


It is a war that God and Satan has well anticipated.

Let me say this dear.. is a sore the point that ….he simply don’t.

Though I’ve wept this weak and have lost near all strength, because I know the suffering that will befall everyone..I am not a stupid woman..and when asked  I give God TRUTHFUL answers, no matter how it hurts..that is why I am trusted.

It was ‘needful’ that we lost this election.

It is needful that we endure with much fighting, travail, and loyalty to one another that we endure the next 4, 8 , 12 or 16 years under this King’s rule.

Its just important…the severe suffering is needed.

Looking at it from a spiritual eye.

Now if you do believe in Revelations then, I may have completely lost you.

However it is real, and it is nigh

Once we come out of this mess, a ‘liberal’ would be PROUD to be called a liberal- because right now they are slightly ashamed

When they are being screwed they will fight harshly and rude- right now they fight ‘politely’ considering the adversaries feelings

Right now they are cowardly, constantly worrying about what others are saying, whispering – After this liberals will be bold, valor ..vehemently teaching their children at very young ages to FUCK WHAT PEOPLE SAY.

Now …..  are you ready to be perfected?



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