Let me explain, for I feel their may be a bit of confusion

People should realize and understand that Trump is simply a symbol. A representative. He’s REPRESENTING a group of people.

He himself is not that group

This group have steadily grown in the US. They believe in ‘exclusion’, ‘separation’, and ‘isolation’. They believe in a country that says FUCK YOU to the rest of the world..to anyone basically that doesn’t believe EXACTLY like they do.

That is who Trump is representing right now.

He is a symbol of them

Whether he believes exactly like them?..in a way….perhaps ….but not exactly.

He simply loves money too much, to walk around with that much hate.

People that love money… generally do not harbor that kind of hate…there’s simply no room for it in their lives

So when people have up these signs…Trump this and that… it would be better if they realized that Trump did not make it that far on his own.

Realize America….Who …Put …Him …Up …There?

Don’t be naïve….realize and let your signs and protest reflect this.

These rural Whites are the reason why this man is sitting in that office right now.


Now AFTER you realize ….

..we can move forward


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