Why use tricks?

This election was a different type of election ..a spiritual election. God simply wanted to ‘call roll’. And EACH person was suppose to stand up and say ‘HERE’! He wanted to see what was what..because like I said we’re in a ‘new testament’, he needed to know plain and clear what he was working with. He wanted to see what group was stronger more vigilant, more vicious. And what group was slightly cowardly, polite, weakly. And trust me he saw all he needed to see! Now that he knows what he has to work with..’things can move forward’.

I feel bad though.

Because I know it all wasn’t fair.

For example many on the Republican side voted many times over and this is a fact..I know what God has shown me. Also many people, immigrants, older Americans etc were threatened. Others were blackmailed, bribery was also used.

The most obvious thing that I saw was many many White uneducated families from rural areas of the United States were migrating from these areas into different parts of the US. I noticed this migration about 4 years ago, it started way earlier than that though, around the time Obama was elected. Perhaps earlier when Bill Clinton was in office.

When I was during a bit of travelling, I noticed even very large populations of rural Whites that had migrated out of areas like Miss. Tenn. Alabama, South Carolina, going as far as Washington state, now keep in mind when they migrate they carry their values of exclusion and isolation along with them. And even when they move, they choose areas where they know will be minimum populations of people of color, foreign or nonforeign. With minimum or no northerners at all: They simply do not want their children exposed to ‘normal’ open people that are ‘alive’ and inclusive. They feel that this is a ‘disease’ that need to be ‘killed’.

I grew up around people like this. I spent even the last few years around them. So I am familiar with their thought process.

For some reason they believe and say ‘God loves us and ONLY us, and NOT you’.

This movement took place for some years. It was done secretly and strategically in order to effect the electoral vote.

America as a whole underestimated the severe anger these ones had in them – upon Obama’s win. This anger was unsurmountable. They felt it to be a great sin to have a Black president for America. And they began strategizing from then on, planning, organizing.

What makes me sad is now they say – right now secretly – now we shall avenge liberal Whites’. What they mean by that is – applying the same systematic devices on them as they have used for years on Blacks and Native Americans and of course on immigrants. Things such as ‘blocking them out’. For example hindering them from getting certain jobs, from succeeding in certain fields, from completing college due to finances, you will notice a growing number of Whites having ‘records’. Their children will just happen to find themselves in a situation whereas they are standing before a judge. Now they have a felony which automatically keeps you down in society.

So their agenda now is – we have control- we will never be in a losing position again and be tormented. And so their devising ways right now – on how to keep liberals out of certain positions, colleges, etc. You know…..the way they’ve done Blacks and Native Americans for decades. Yea ……like that.

I feel bad about it. Now that they know how far this thing can get–they will do everything they can to keep ‘the money’ out of the hands of liberals.

Yea its pretty bad

Everything has just gone to shit

The reason God reveal certain things like this to me is because of my spiritual calling. My job is to ‘share and warn’.

But though I warn people still DONT LISTEN!

Blacks first.. then Whites.. they ignore your message ..until its too late. Its too late to fight AFTER you’ve been stripped of everything. You have to do it either BEFORE or at least DURING (Not giving one inch).

But of a surety ..you have to do it EVERYDAY…especially now…unfortunately there’s not one day to take rest…not one…unfortunately.


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