Thanks Lazy Polite Americans…because of you we lost Everything!

Our freedom.

 Our respect around the world.

Our right to abortion.

 Our healthcare for 30 million people.

 Our respectable position in the work place as women.

The ability to control the flood of guns entering the streets.

 The Exodus of millions of Latin immigrants.

 Discrimination of Muslim community

No Higher wages

People say ‘stay calm’ stop the marches and protesting and ‘accept it’.

The reason people are protesting is because WE KNOW Trumps election has opened up ‘a pandoras’ box of ‘utter hate’ against blacks foreigners gays women etc have ‘flown open’.

This hate for a changing country has been smothered for a long time and now unleashed..The anger and resentment of having to serve a black president can now be conservative owners u name it..From this day forward as I ‘predicted’ in my book and on my website..discrimination after discrimination death after death harassment after harassment March after March protest after protest kidnaping after kidnapping shooting after shooting bribery after bribery blackmail after blackmail beating after beating planting of evidence after planting if evidence.. racist judges will now show their ‘full faces’ ‘anti- women movement’ senators and congressmen will now be able to strip away every right earned by women…and ALL these things will begin tomorrow.. and THIS is why people are protesting!


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